23 Feb

AR (AG) in Screen Protector

 A New Experience - AR ( AG ) Technology Applied to Screen Protector

         Since the rise of smartphones, people have been very interested in screen glasses. From this, many different types of glasses have been developed. The earliest materials for tempered glasses ranged from PP and PVC to anti-static, scratch-resistant and translucent PET. Then came various tempered glasses.

       WEKOME's protection department has been committed to developing high-quality Apple original tempered glasses. From the initial HD glass to functional privacy glass and gaming glass, and now to the industry-leading AR tempered glass. WEKOME has always been at the forefront of the industry.

        HD (High Definition, to protect screen glass) tempered glass, represented by WTP-009 in WEKOME's King Kong 3D series, has the domestic TOP1 high-aluminum glass, 2 times the industry's hardness and edge curvature.



         Privacy (Anti-peep, to protect screen privacy) tempered glass, represented by WTP-012 in the WEKOME King Kong 4D series, has imported privacy glue to effectively prevent privacy.



        Gaming (Frosted, to prevent fingers from slipping on the screen during games) tempered glass, represented by WTP-030 in the WEKOME King Kong 3D series, has specially designed for game players to make gaming smoother.



        But still, when we are checking our screen under sunshine or other strong light, here comes a worse definition making us tired. An AR ( or AG, anti-reflection, represented by WTP-069 / WTP-070 ) glass was born because of that with 20 times of visibility as traditional screen protector.


WEKOME WTP-069 AR Screen Protector


       Besides, WEKOME has doubled the hardness and edge curvature on purpose of further improving the experience of users.

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