25 Mar

Music Fan’s Premium Toy

       WEKOME·Beluga D7 - Music Fan’s Premium Toy

       Hi everyone, I am Beluga D7, your music conductor! I am a HIFI (high-fidelity, highly similar to the original sound) outdoor wireless speaker. My sound quality will definitely allow you to enjoy pleasant music indoors. More importantly, I am absolute king of outdoor performance.

       In appearance, I am an experienced singing artist. My mixer (central control device for speaker systems) is like your baton, allowing you to freely control your own stage. My body is made of high-quality plywood wooden box for better sound quality. And my black handmade leather looks more advanced and elegant. An HD digital display always expresses the state of being with you.



        Functionally, I have a personalized designed EQ (Equalizer, which adjusts the gain of each frequency band signal) mixer that allows you to freely adjust the sound effects. I also support OTG live broadcast and internal recording to better present your performance to fans. Not only that, I also have BLE Bluetooth non-directional remote control function. No matter where I move, you can control music playback from a further distance.
       In addition, I support U disk and Micro SD card to play music, so you can enjoy your favorite music anytime and anywhere. AUX-in wired audio input is also one of my features. It is useful if you want to connect audio input from another device. These excellent features allow you to enjoy wonderful music.

 In terms of sound quality, my excellent PA (Power Amplifier, which provides sufficient power) system uses 2.1 stereo channels (one LF unit and two HF units), so that you can enjoy the strong impact and rich timbre. And combined with the inverter tube (LF unit airflow duct), the excellent sound quality exceeds 95% of speakers on the market. The rated high power of 70W allows you to enjoy the ultimate music experience. In addition, I also have high-resolution singing and listening abilities, which allow me to obtain richer and more delicate sound. And I have 2 channels for playing and singing. One channel can be connected to a wired microphone, and the other can be connected to instruments such as guitar and electronic keyboard, bringing you clearer and more realistic sounds.


       As the king of outdoor performance, I am also equipped with a highly sensitive microphone to obtain more high-frequency signals and detailed sounds. This ensures absolutely outstanding HIFI sound quality during outdoor performance. The zinc alloy microphone will definitely make you unable to put it down. Not only does it look elegant and feel comfortable, it also has a shock-absorbing system. In addition, I also have a large 1500mAh battery to provide long-lasting power support for your performance.


 If you are looking for a HIFI and powerful outdoor speaker, then WEKOME·Beluga D7 is your best choice! Come and choose me. Let me be your music conductor to add more fun to your music performance!


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