15 Mar

Different Charging in 2-in-1 Cable

       With the popularity of fast charging, mobile phone charging cable has evolved from single-cable fast charging to current dual-cable simultaneous fast charging. The development speed of fast charging is beyond imagination, and we are entering an era of comprehensive fast charging.

       The 2-in-1 charging cable we were familiar with has a USB-C interface with two output ports, Type-C and Lightning. For example, the cost-effective WDC-176 charging cable launched by WEKOME supports single-port Type-C output up to 100W, and the Lighting port output is PD20W.


         While it seems practical, the speed is not very fast when two devices are being charged at the same time. In order to solve this problem, WEKOME launched a 2-in-1 fast charging cable WDC-189. It is not only upgraded to a fabric body that is more durable, but has a magnetic design for portable storage. Major breakthrough, it supports simultaneous output of Type-C and Lightning ports for fast charging, up to 65W.


          In order to adapt to more charging protocols, WEKOME has been significant upgraded the WDC-189 and launched a 4-in-1 65W magnetic fast charging cable WDC-26. Retaining the advantages of durable fabric and magnet for storage, the maximum output can reach 65W. Not only can USB-A and USB-C output ports be freely switched, but also fast charging can be achieved when two devices are being charged at the same time. One charging cable can solve all your device charging needs!


       There is a high demand in the market for 2-in-1 charging cables to achieve simultaneous fast charging output, but there are very few can do this. WEKOME's WDC-26 charging cable achieves a breakthrough in fast charging of two cables at the same time, bringing absolute surprise to consumers. In the future, WEKOME will continue to develop more high-end products to repay customers for their trust and support.

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