29 Aug

GaN Chargers with Soul

Chargers in the Future

       Nowadays, people's pursuit of the quality and function of charging equipment is getting higher and higher, but ordinary chargers on the market can no longer meet the pursuit of modern people. Users generally expect chargers with higher charging efficiency and better appearance, which will definitely be the development trend of the charger industry in the future.

       In the past half year, WEKOME has been committed to developing chargers with high cost performance, good safety performance and good customer experience feedback. For example, the WEKOME WP-U53 charger of Maxspeed series with PD20W fast charging and built-in smart chip, can better protect the battery for safe and fast charging. The charger WEKOME WP-U145 with 65W fast charging and high efficiency adopts gallium nitride(GaN) fast charging technology. Not only multi-fast charging protocols, but also can charge notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones. The charging is more stable, fast and safe, and the user experience is further improved.


       However, how long is the life cycle of this type of charger? Are these representative of future products? Why do we have such worries? At present, the Apple fast charging protocol can reach up to 30W, and the Samsung fast charging protocol can reach up to 240W. Various fast charging protocols continue to break through the original charging speed, and the appearance design is also constantly innovating to keep up with the development of the times.

       After continuous reflection, WEKOME found the position of the charger, to be a cultural creation with design, story, warmth, and future, which is loved by the young people. We pursue chargers with faster charging speed and more design concepts, and pursue the development of future chargers. The Navigator series, Vanguard series, Mecha series, Tint series chargers launched by WEKOME are more in line with the needs of future users for chargers.

       Vanguard series WEKOME WP-U156 adopts GaN new semiconductor technology, which has high thermal conductivity, faster charging, high temperature resistance, and good safety performance. Multi-fast charging protocol, can charge notebooks, tablets and mobile phones. The maximum output can reach up 65W. The transparent design with high-value looks arouses your exploration psychology.


      Mecha series WEKOME WP-U01 charger, built-in GaN chip, has higher charging efficiency, faster speed, lower charging temperature and safer. A single-port output can reach up to 65W, which meets the needs of most people for fast charging. The unique appearance design is also hard to put it down. It can support a variety of fast charging protocols, and can charge your mobile phone and computer at the same time. The simultaneous output of three ports is also fast charging, breaking your stereotype of slow multi-port output.


       Tint series WEKOME WP-U155 charger, single port output can be as high as 100W, which greatly improves charging efficiency. Multi-port simultaneous output is also fast charging. It is also made of GaN material, so it does not get hot during fast charging. Yellow and black contrast design, fashionable and trendy. It can support a variety of fast charging protocols. One charger can be used for multiple purposes, mobile phones and computers at the same time.


       Above all, there are the high-quality chargers that WEKOME provides to our users through layers of selection. Under the same usage function, would you choose an ordinary charger, or a charger with a novel design? Only by pursuing the pursuit of the public can we better serve users. In the near future, chargers will definitely grab the market in terms of charging speed and appearance design. WEKOME is also making every efforts and improvement for this. No matter what needs users have, WEKOME will solve your needs. You are welcome to discuss with us the future development of chargers, we make progress together and seek common development.




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