WEKOME is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, an emerging modern international city of design.

WEKOME is established in 2015 to extend our persevering pursuit of ultimate quality products, aiming to be the navigator and innovator of the industry. We have stuck to the core of “Design First” and the faith of “Design Creates Miracles” since the very beginning. With a firm stand against plagiarism, we introduced the industry concept of “Aesthetic Economy of Upgraded Consumption”, reconstructing consumer experience through integrating product designs and consumption scenarios, providing customers a differentiated yet more satisfying shopping experience. Throughout the years, we have grown rapidly to be one of the industry exemplars, and have now become a world-renowned consumer electronics brand. Covering smart products in categories of mobile phone protection, energy, audio, lifestyle and all, WEKOME has now developed into a comprehensive company driven by R&D and design, integrating production, sales, and after-sales. After years of endeavor to build a systematic global brand, we have completed trademark registration in more than 120 countries and regions worldwide, ranking as the world’s only digital accessory brand with the largest number of registered countries.

“WEKOME” takes after the word “WELCOME”, carrying the meaning of tolerance and sophistication. We have always adhered to the core concept of providing an all-round one-on-one customer service, pooling everyone to achieve one thing with the best outcome.

Standing at the forefront, we have been an active fashion navigator for global digital products. We strive to build a high-end consumer brand more in line with the cultural positioning of the new youth, our products injected with wisdom and vitality, and featuring “trend, fashion, technology”. At the same time, we stay true to the originality of our own teams, and work to level up the our image and quality. Thus in letter and spirit, we make it a brand worth the beauty of “cover + content”.

WEKOME, Gets the Future!